Eco Friendly Volunteers (ECO-V)

ECO-V is a volunteer orientated organisation started in 2001, which provides the opportunity for nature loving individuals to participate in the active conservation of Sri Lanka’s threatened environment. Through development of your skills and the necessary technical support we can achieve our dream of sustainability together.

Kelani nadee Yatra

This is ECO-V’s latest project to address climate change issues in Sri Lanka.


A Journey along Kelani River is to increase environmental consciousness to combat climate change at Grass root level in Sri Lanka through Youth participation.

Why a river journey?

Climate Change issues are still not discussed at Grass root level in Sri Lanka. People are not aware of adaptation and mitigation strategies. National Level awareness campaign and sensitizing younger generation is timely needed. Therefore Kelani Nadee yatra is designed with youth participation targeting grass root level awareness through a media campaign.
These 20 youth ambassadors who gain experience while travelling along the river with professional environmentalists and expertise will be ready for leadership at the end of the programme who will learn environmental issues through living experience.

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